About Us

Children’s Corner LC is a complete clothing line for boys and girls of all ages. These children clothing business ideas of mother and daughter Margarita and Donita Lewis. They both love to design and saw children wear. They love to design and saw infants clothing to give as a gift for their newborn relatives either boys or girls. Besides sawing baby items of clothing, they are also both love fashions. If there is a new fashion that they like to make for themselves. With the inspiration of friends and relatives, they encourage making children’s clothes to sell and start their business. Since they both have a passion for children’s clothing lines they open Children’s Corner LC to connect with other parents.


After they launched their business in 2000, they have no idea what to expect and where this venture would take them. With their surprise, they receive a positive reaction to their product design selections. Also, their store design and policies. As the business grew rapidly they also have other clothing lines from other manufacturers that match with their own products. They also join the online shopping in 2010 with positive review and comments.


Now after 18 years in the business they have now a complete line of clothing for boys and girls. From clothing to shoes formal and casual wear. In their shop, you will find hand-picked boutique boys and girls clothing, shoes, and accessories for ages 3 months through 16 years old. With other brands to choose from you will find a piece or even a pair the truly reflect the essence of childhood. Also, combine lasting quality with styles your little trendsetters will love to wear. They treat their customers like family and they believe in friendly and reliable service. They offer sales discount during holidays and other special events. Also, if the children of their valued customer are celebrating their birthday they give a special price.


Visit Children’s Corner LC and enjoy the wide range of clothing that you will surely love.